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Lightweight Championship.

Lyon destroys everyone.

Vega takes it out on Timothy.

Series debut, with full nudity.

Rage pays for his victory.

Lyon extinguishes Dynamite.

Assassin unloads Gunnz.

Assassin retains Championship.

Xavier survives Damien.

Gunnz practices on Tye.

Jag defeats Marcus.

March saw the debut of the highly anticipated Heavyweights Series, the debut of Prince Naughty, the return of Damien, and the year's first Sale.

The return of Damien.

Gay vs. Straight


Sniper in his debut match.

Sensei makes his debut.


Straight wrestlers arrive.

Buckwylde is voted in.

The year wrapped up with the enormously popular Hawk making his debut against Cell when he's grabbed off a basketball court and punished in a pure squash match in order to antagonize Cell's enemy Babyboy.


One Hour "I Quit" Match

Akecheta shuts up YTK.


Stryker punks out Kompact.

Massacre or Manipulation?


Assassin retires Romeo.

Cell becomes #1 Contender

The heavily anticipated debut match of the Ghetto Mercenary Gunnz popped off in August with his complete destruction of Razor who went into 'exile' after this match to recuperate from his injuries.


Marcus dominates Tre.

Xavier survives Zanvega.


Erotico helps Marz defeat Storm.

Pretty 'n Pink retires Travis.


Jag cheats to beat Puma.

Onyxx ends Dragon's streak.

Our Anniversary Month saw the launching of the Undisputed Championship Tournament with Assassin vs. God's Gift in a back and forth battle that left the loser humbled and knocked out cold!


Onyxx defeats newcomer Brick.

Akecheta destroys Major.


Cell calls out Babyboy, wins debut.

Buckwylde becomes Champion.

Big Brother Brit punishes William.

Marcos gets his first victory.


Sampler 8 with 10 previews.

Doc Holliday schools Jay Styles.

Scissors 6 from 10 videos.

Sleepers 6 from 10 videos.

 The year kicked off with the heavily anticipated debut of the new full frontal series as a rogue cop gets his hands on an ex-convict on parole who must now fight or go back to jail.


/// -  Two attempts at revenge failed: Mohammed was outwrestled by Sipho in BWN Africa 3, and Bishop got squashed by Storm, ending their feud, in Exotic Wrestling 7; Lennox cheated to destroy William in his debut match in Submission 13, and Assassin beat his way into another championship by battering Juanito in Brute Force 3!

/// -  The debut of both Clever and Correll came in the sizzling Hot Boyz 3, with Correll cheating on Clever...with Marz!  And just as Onyx formed his team to get at Xavier, Lennox formed "Team Lennox" with Razor and Marcus to gang up on Akecheta in Tag Team Beatdown 3...but the tag team got beat down this time!

/// -  The most anticipated new series this year arrived with God's Gift facing Lorenzo in Idolatry with the loser to worship the winner!  And Xavier suddenly returned and made an example out of newcomer Razor in Bring the Pain 2 of what he intends for the Soldiers of Onyx!

/// -  Assassin walked right through newcomer JT in Bodybuilder Breakdown 6 to finally earn enough undisputed wins to become the official Bodybuilder Breakdown Champion. Zanvega James made his return in Pornstar 4 against Marcus, refusing to cede his series and vowing revenge against Xtreme!

/// -  Sipho sends his Bodyguard to wrestle Justice in BWN Africa 2; Justice gets the best of the Bodyguard for the first half but eventually gets worn down and his punishment begins...and Travis faced a returning Coach in Generation Gap 2 determined to win but after one submission from Coach, Travis gets caught in body scissors and is forced to submit in his most humiliating loss yet to his older opponent.

/// - We kicked off July with the Championship Match for the Submission Series, Submission 12:Lennox vs. AkechetaAkecheta's striking and submission fighting skills got him the early submissions, but Lennox took full advantage of a sudden head injury to force Akecheta to forfeit the match, making Lennox the new Submission Series Champion.  The month was wrapped up with double releases of Scissors 5 and Sleepers 5 compilations.

/// - A double dose of Assassin in July!  The month kicked off with Assassin destroying poor Marcus (the 3rd Degree cameraman!) in Brute Force 2 while taunting Homicide and finished up with a devastating muscle squash that saw Juice make his one on one debut against Assassin in Bodybuilder Breakdown 5 and get tortured from beginning to end...but with a vicious and unexpected finish!

/// - In Exotic Wrestling 6, Bishop sent Erotico to get revenge against Storm...and an unusually sensual ending results.  And the much-anticipated 3rd installment of the Pornstar series is released with Xtreme returning to face Zanvega in Pornstar 3...Zanvega meets his match!

/// - Newcomers Sylvester and Taz faced off against each other in our new series Wrestling 'n da Hood: Inglewood, kicking off April.  This one was fast and hard, going back and forth with both guys ending up in their boxers.  A keeper for those that like competitive wrestling between masculine dudes.  Then Travis got a major lesson in taking on more than he can handle against another newcomer -- Homicide!  This match launched the aptly named new Brute Force series, with Homicide stomping his way right through Travis!

/// - Zanvega James returned in Pornstar 2, destroying his co-star Malik for being "too ugly" to shoot a video with...this one got crazy and yes even a bath tub was involved...along with some brief foot worship.  Mid-month, Major made his comeback with Submission 11, destroying Travis while letting Lennox know he's not going to take over the Submission series unchallenged!

/// - Storm returned with a vengeance in February in his Exotic Wrestling 5 match against newcomer Bishop, whom he dismantled and then humiliated backstage after some taunts from Bishop about being gay.  Our mid-month release for February returned us to South Africa for a special BWN Africa edition of Wrestling Challenge when Sipho faced Matambo -- the biggest guy on the BWN South Africa roster -- to prove that he is a wrestler to be feared despite the beating he took from Justice in BWN Africa back in November.

/// - We kicked off the new year with the release of a new series entitled "Pornstar" and starring porn legend Zanvega James!  His co-star Delano had a lot of folks drooling as well.  And Lennox made an example out of newcomer Travis, destroying him in Submission 10, while waiting to hear if Champ will accept his challenge for a rematch.


/// - Onyx got his revenge for the beating he took at the hands of Xavier in Bring the Pain by setting him up to be destroyed by his Soldiers of Onyx (Xtreme and newcomer Juice) in Tag Team Beatdown 2 (an idea he likely got from the beating he himself took at the hands of Thunder and Marz in Tag Team Beatdown 1).  And Xtreme went one on one against Rage in Bodybuilder Breakdown #4 series now that he's put on almost 30 pounds of extra muscle! 

/// - BWN Africa was released with Sipho vs. Justice as two expert fighters in an intense matchup shot on location in South Africa.  It's been a while since we've seen such good back and forth action with skill.  And on the 15th, Baby Prince accepted Babyboy's challenge in Baltimore Brawl. As usual, Babyboy didn't fight fair and this one won't be pretty.  BWN Members also started receiving their complimentary monthly BWN Video Magazine.

/// - Our site re-launch took off with the release of Predator & Prey pitting the always sexy Marcos against incredible newcomer Panther, who ripped into Marcos as his first victim in his impressive debut.  On the 15th, another ripped newcomer, Valentino, arrived to face Lennox in Submission 9 but was utterly vanquished by his more experienced opponent.  Usually, we introduce one new wrestler per month (on the first of the month) but since we didn't introduce a new wrestler in August or September, we introduced two new wrestlers in October.

/// - Website upgraded to faster server with more storage, new interface design, improved navigation, new sections added, VISA acceptance for memberships, new shopping cart software, WEB-TV compliance added for graphics, new benefits for BWN Members including free monthly video magazine.

/// - Our first-ever bodybuilder vs. bodybuilder match took place in Bodybuilder Breakdown #3 when both Rage and Titus each got their chance to redeem themselves after the beatings they each took from Assassin in Bodybuilder Breakdown (Titus) and Bodybuilder Breakdown #2 (Rage).  And while Titus technically won his match against Assassin, Rage was truly squashed in his debut against Assassin so perhaps he had more to prove.  Both wrestlers wore their posing suits for this match, which made for some very sexy eye candy.  The match ended with someone walking in after the winner had apparently beaten his opponent.  We'll find out who that was real soon.

/// - Christopher's big brother Champ showed up to beat the crap out of Lennox for beating on his little brother in the aptly-titled Christopher's Big Brother match (part of the newly renamed Payback series formerly known as the Grudge Match series).  The surprising thing about this fight was how effective Lennox can be when facing a musclebound opponent like Champ; while not as muscled of course, Lennox was able to dominate Champ for much of the match despite the size difference.  More than once, it looked like Lennox might actually defeat Champ with some grueling submission holds including a crossface that had Champ in agony as well as a figure four. In the end, Lennox got what he had coming for beating on Champ's little brother, but this was a very back and forth match shot with excellent lighting that brought out the sexy features on both wrestlers.

Also in July, Baby Prince arrived as a rentboy masseur for Gemini. After wrestling and defeating Gemini (in a match we haven't released), Baby Prince takes on Marz in Hot Boyz 2.  Although Baby Prince showed some surprisingly good skills and quickness, Marz repeatedly and mercilessly works over his back and crushes him in the end. Bonus footage of Gemini being massaged (nude) by the newcomer. Very sexy. And if the feedback on the Blackboard is any indication, it looks like Baby Prince will become a very popular wrestler here at BWN Video.

/// - Exotic Wrestling #4 introduced Storm in a completely different setting than what he's done thus far, much to the delight of fans as noted on the Blackboard, when he faced (and destroyed) Marcos.  Shot with the guys wearing g-strings (as is usual for this series) on the set of Keith Boykin's WARRIOR event in Washington, D.C.  Includes bonus Marcos shower footage.

Also, the compilations Sampler 5, Sleepers 3, and Scissors 3.

/// - Rage gets thoroughly destroyed in his debut against Assassin in Bodybuilder Breakdown #2. Despite his better physique and ripped muscles, Rage runs out of energy.  Short of stamina, he becomes a muscled toy for Assassin.  Sweaty squash match.  Rage was much improved in his second match when he faced Titus in August in Bodybuilder Breakdown #3.

The re-launching of the long dormant Submission series couldn't have had a better kickoff than the one it was given with the debut of Christopher against Lennox in Submission 8.  Lennox dominates the bright-eyed newcomer and then...takes it too far.  Christopher begs Lennox to stop and eventually threatens to call his big brother!  Lennox laughs that off but later faces his big brother in July.  Christopher arrives as an instant star.  First video shot on the new set. (Probably, Lennox abused Christopher because he was still mad at the beating he himself took from Onyx in his debut in Black Box 6 which was supposed to have started a winning streak for him, but instead ended with Onyx taking a shortcut and then humiliating Lennox).