Master of the Black Box, Onyx is one of the most popular and recognized faces of BWN.

Onyx was voted BEST WRESTLER for 2005 and BEST BAD BOY two years in a row.


After a stunning debut, Panther is now hungry for competition.

Voted BEST ABS, tied for BEST BUTT, and BEST NEWCOMER for 5/04-12/04.


The Dark Phoenix continues to train Cobra to fight Dragon with his knowledge of the Dark Arts.

Phoenix is a trained martial artist and skilled in swordplay and related arts.

Pretty 'n Pink

Prince Ra used Marz against Major and remains a series champion.

PNP played football and wrestled in high school. He is a twin.

Prince Ra

Prince Ra used Marz against Major and remains a series champion.

Prince Ra was scouted for BWN years before his first match.


Puma made an impressive debut against Jag and is set on more action here at BWN Video.

Puma was a successful high school wrestler; he was named after the match was shot.


Punished in his debut against Assassin, Rage defeated Titus but then lost to Xtreme.

Rage won his division this year in the Georgia state NPC bodybuilding show.


Small, rowdy and looking to redeem the crushing defeat of his debut.

Razor came up with his own wrestling name on the day of his first shoot.


Romeo was victorious in his feud with Babyboy and defeated Gemini in Gym Jocks.

Romeo won BEST ABS at the 2004 BWN Video Awards; he's a total California dude.


Ever since losing to Justice in his debut match, Sipho has been dedicated to his  destruction.

Sipho is a well-trained MMA competitor in South Africa.


Sphynx never had a chance; hands tied behind his back, he lost to Brian.

Sphynx is from Chicago and may soon return to action at BWN.


Storm effected a transformation from his debut to his entry into the Exotic Wrestling series.

With Bishop, Storm's Exotic Wrestling 5 won for BEST OVERALL MATCH.


Sylvester was victorious over Taz in the debut of the Wrestling 'n da Hood series.

Sylvester is from Compton and is actually good friends with Taz.

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